Investigation Center

The Intellinx Investigation Center (IC) is a comprehensive platform which provides a complete framework for all activities within the entire fraud-Investigation life-cycle.

The IC is composed of a set of integrated functions, each handling a different aspect of the fraud investigation process including alert and case management, Google-like Search of user screens and visual replay, workflow, reports and dashboards, link analysis, regulatory reporting (SAR, CTR, etc.), etc.

Providing a user-friendly web-based user-interface, the IC enables investigators with no technical background to fully control the investigation environment and processes. It allows investigators to control business rules parameters and thresholds, set scoring calculation functions, maintain white and black lists, configure automatic case creation, define reports, etc.

The IC makes it possible for the investigator to view all information relevant to an alert, case or profile in one consolidated view with flexible drilldown options on each related entity.

The IC is highly flexible, enabling customization of the data model, screen layouts, workflow, link analysis, dashboards and reports according to the organization’s needs, without writing a single line of code.