Web Fraud & Security

Cybercrime has become a major economic threat, enabling theft of funds and data to an extent that was unthinkable before the internet age. Cybercrime poses financial hazards, and also damages reputations and customer confidence.

Cybercrime is becoming extremely sophisticated; examples include advanced Trojan techniques for inserting malware into corporate computers; and “man in the browser” technology that penetrates browsers, hijacks user credentials and changes the data sent to the server.

Unique User Profiling Capability

All cybercrimes are pre-planned, entailing changes in user behavior. Intellinx is the only solution to create detailed behavior profiles for each user of corporate online applications, such as eBanking applications. Creating a baseline of normal application behavior, Intellinx then records and analyzes ongoing application work and alerts to changes in a wide range of variables.

Preventing “Man in the Middle” Attacks

Intellinx profiling capability is particularly potent in uncovering customer account takeover schemes, such as “man in the middle” or “man in the browser” attacks.

The Intellinx Difference

Profiling of Online User Actions

Based on extensive recording of communications in real-time, Intellinx creates profiles for online users, and correlates them with offline data (such as call-center data, employee actions), resulting in more precise detection of fraud attempts.

Application Profiling

Intellinx profiles the normal behavior of the application and creates a baseline with which new activity is continuously compared. The system detects suspicious changes in the application behavior in real-time.

Forensic Audit Trail

The Intellinx audit trail enables investigators to immediately view suspicious actions conducted by users, down to every screen and command.

Real-Time Alerts Stop Cybercrime in Advance

Intellinx listens in to real-time communications, issues alerts according to preset rules, and triggers actions such as requests for additional credentials, moving a transaction to offline, or halting transactions.

No Effect on User Experience

The agent-less Intellinx sniffer records and listens in to network communications, with no impact whatsoever on applications or users.

Merging a Variety of Data Sources

Intellinx merges a variety of data sources into a single coherent system. For example, it may include core banking systems, payments performed in a variety of channels (call center, ATM, mobile, ACH/wire), customer databases, security systems and the Intellinx network sniffing mechanism. Intellinx can read directly from databases, log files and other sources using its own built-in ETL package or the corporate incumbent ETL package.

Intellinx Compared with Other Cyber Security Solutions

Feature Other Solutions Intellinx
Real user behavior profiling and analysis No Yes
Application behavior profiling and analysis No Yes
Forensic Audit trail No Yes
Visual replay of user actions No Yes
Correlation between external and internal user activity No Yes
Real time alerts No Yes
Initial implementation Weeks to months. Hours to days.
Flexibility in changing investigative function Medium/ Low, requires coding in many cases. High. Performed easily with point-and-click tools.
Implementation effort Requires Extensive ETL process. Out-of-the-Box Record /Replay and Search capabilities.

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