Security Officer

Intellinx provides an advanced cross-platform surveillance system for unparalleled visibility of internal and external end-user activity. Deployed in a range of industries, the Intellinx solution provides vital information that every security officer needs – knowing which user accessed what specific customer data, how, when and from where.

This information is critical for conducting effective investigations of security breaches, information leakage and fraud attempts. Furthermore, Intellinx enables security officers to become proactive in detecting security breaches, data theft and various types of fraud by profiling user behavior and generating real-time alerts on suspicious behavior.

Many organizations deploy DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) for protecting corporate sensitive data. These solutions may be effective for detecting and preventing non-intentional data leakage; however when it comes to intentional data leakage, these solutions typically fall short, as they are very easy to bypass. Intellinx provides another layer of protection – at the application level. It enables you to effectively deal with intentional data leakage by profiling user behavior and detecting suspicious anomalies in real-time. For more information, please refer to the Data Leakage Prevention Solution.

With Intellinx, Security Officers can:

  • Identify security breaches and fraud attempts as they occur and respond proactively
  • Replay user activity screen by screen
  • Stop policy abuse
  • Discover previous fraud incidents using historical queries on collected data
  • Respond quickly to new threats with highly flexible analytics

Intellinx Features

  • Unparalleled Visibility – Complete visibility into end-user activity is provided with visual replay of every screen and keystroke in every application across all major platforms. All actions are visible, including update and read-only actions. All types of end-users are tracked, including System and Database Administrators whose high authorizations pose a high risk.
  • Enhanced Alert and Case Manager – Intellinx’s enhanced ready-to-use Alert and Case Manager ensures immediate ROI. Shortly after the rapid installation, the system provides the user with a diverse set of investigational functionalities including dashboards, configurable displays, link analysis, and more. The Alert and Case Manager provides a simple way to manage and track ongoing investigations as you work.
  • Coverage of multiple types of fraud – Intellinx covers all types of fraud, from internal fraud to web, mobile, ATM, check, ACH/Wire and call center fraud.
  • Complete Audit Trail – Intellinx records full user activity 24/7, not just events detected as suspicious in real time. This is crucial for making end-users accountable for their actions. Regardless of whether appropriate rules are in place at the time of an event, post-event replay enables forensic investigation at a later time.
  • Cross Platform Search including Legacy – Intellinx provides a unique solution for tracking user activity across all major platforms including mainframe, IBM System i, Web, UNIX, Client/Server and more. It allows you to search for any specific value displayed on any user screen across multiple platforms from one simple query screen.
  • User Behavior Profiling at the Application Level – Intellinx is the only solution that analyzes user activity at the application screen level, rather than the network or database level. Intellinx rules track all user keystrokes and screens, detecting the relevant business process including each field value accessed or updated. This information is correlated in real-time with the activity of other end-users, with previous activity and more.
  • Immediate Business Value – Immediately following a rapid installation process, Intellinx begins capturing all cross-enterprise user activity. Security officers can immediately search for all user screens and organizations begin benefitting from Intellinx without delay, avoiding time-consuming integration with the organization’s systems and with application-related configurations.