Mobile Fraud

The Challenge of Mobile Fraud

Mobile business is booming and with it the risks of conducting business online.  Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, combining various flavors of phishing, man-in-the-browser, money mules and other types of schemes.

Logs do not tell the complete story

Most anti-fraud systems rely on application logs as the main source of information. Logs, however, usually record only certain transactions performed by the user but do not capture the full user behavior which is essential for effective detection and prevention.

The Intellinx Solution for Mobile Fraud

The Intellinx Mobile Fraud solution captures and analyzes full user behavior, allowing genuine behavior analysis with real-time prevention as well as visual replay of user activity, for thorough investigations. The Intellinx multi-layer approach includes capturing user activity through non-invasive sniffing – this information is correlated in real-time with information collected from other sources, e.g. core banking systems, customer databases and security and authentication systems.


  • Stops Suspicious Transactions in Real-Time
    Intellinx deploys preventive rules in real-time to validate and block attempted fraudulent transactions as they occur, integrating seamlessly with the online application.

  • End User Profiling
    Intellinx conducts automatic profiling of various aspects of user behavior including online activity and transaction activity in multiple channels, e.g. cards, wires, phone, branch, etc. The system maintains a profile for each user and compares current user activity with historical behavior patterns, immediately detecting deviations.

  • Operates in High-Availability Mode
    Intellinx can run in high-availability mode with load balancing and clustering to ensure optimal reliability in detecting and preventing fraud.

  • Rule-Engine and Investigation Center that are Flexible and Easy to Deploy
    The solution is flexible and adaptable to the specific applications and threats of each organization. Corporate investigators can adjust scoring parameters, calculation methods and thresholds with no need for IT assistance.

  • Multi Channel Detection
    The system correlates device, account and customer risk factors across multiple channels.

  • Number 1 in Deployment Simplicity*
    With fast and simple installation organizations can move to quickly block fraud attempts and detect and investigate suspicious actions.

* Based on research by a leading analyst firm.