Internal Fraud

Internal fraud represents a growing cause of revenue loss to organizations, as seen in a 2013 ACFE report attributing 5% of organizational revenue loss to internal fraud incidents. Internal fraud is particularly damaging, as the employees’ knowledge of corporate systems provides them with greater access to the system’s weaknesses, and the fraud is discovered after a delay averaging over a year.

Implementing internal fraud solutions is challenging for a number of reasons:

  • It’s difficult to distinguish between malicious and ordinary users because both use legitimate system commands.
  • Most organizations scan logs and databases that record only confirmed transactions, leaving out vital information such as user queries, incomplete transactions and data viewings.
  • Logs are processed and analyzed in retrospect, after the damage is done.
  • Most fraud systems require a laborious ETL process to extract and load data onto the system.

Intellinx: The Recognized No. 1 Solution for Combating Internal Fraud*

*based on research conducted by a leading analyst firm.

Intellinx offers the only true end-to-end insider fraud solution, based on a unique patented network monitoring technology deployed in over 150 organizations worldwide.

The Intellinx “sniffing” technology collects data in real time, providing a full view of all user actions and immediate alerts on suspicious activities.

The Intellinx Difference

Proactive Fraud Protection

The Intellinx real-time monitoring enables organizations to stop fraud before it’s committed, by detecting the actions leading up to it, such as changes in work patterns, unusual data viewings and more.

Creating a Forensic Audit Trail for All Users

Intellinx creates a forensic audit trail for each user, 24/7, including screen views, queries, complete and incomplete transactions. Each action can easily be recreated and viewed by investigators or, potentially, in a court of law.

Genuine User Behavior Analysis

The Intellinx engine analyzes actual user behavior, comparing it to historical actions as well as peer behavior, which allows for high levels of precision.

Pre-packaged Rules

Intellinx contains a large library of pre-packaged rules based on experience from over 150 deployments worldwide, covering a wide range of fraud scenarios.

#1 in Deployment Simplicity

*based on research conducted by the same leading analyst firm.
Intellinx begins capturing and analyzing network communications immediately upon installation (typically lasting only a few hours). In addition, Intellinx can easily incorporate data from logs and other external data source databases with an intuitive best-of breed ETL platform.

The Deterrence Factor

Intellinx enables organizations to detect in real-time unauthorized actions committed by employees, which demonstrates to employees that their actions are closely monitored, resulting in dramatic reduction of fraud.

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