Internal and Employee User Monitoring

The Challenge

Recent surveys show that approximately two-thirds of fraud and identity-theft cases are perpetrated by company employees and other insiders. The 2012 report of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that companies worldwide lose, on average, 5% of their annual revenues to internal fraud. In response, organizations around the world are placing a greater focus on finding solutions to safeguard against insider threat that go beyond perimeter protection.

The Intellinx Solution for Internal and Employee User Monitoring

Intellinx presents a first-of-its-kind, cross-platform surveillance system for unparalleled visibility of end-user activity in corporate applications across the enterprise. The Intellinx Solution provides a critical infrastructure for combating internal fraud and information leakage, enabling proactive response to insider threat, rather than “after-the-fact” reactive response. With complete recording, monitoring and analysis of authorized user activities across all major platforms, security officers can act on suspicious behavior as it occurs, and use the intelligence gathered to preempt crime in the future.

Holding Authorized Users Accountable

Intellinx provides complete visibility into end-user activity with visual replay of every screen, keystroke and flow of screens in every application across all major platforms. It enables security officers to know who did what, when and where. The activity of all end-users is recorded, regular users as well as privileged IT users regardless of their permission level.

Investigating Suspicious Behavior

Intellinx captures a highly detailed field-level audit trail of user activity, with extensive cross-platform search of activities. Investigation can be performed in real-time, while the suspicious activity is occurring, or post-event via examination of historical recorded data.

Immediate Response

Intellinx generates real-time alerts that enable instant zoning-in on suspicious behavior and timely response to mitigate damage. Configurable rules track user behavior patterns at the application level and generate alerts on irregularities in real-time. It allows auditors to immediately focus on suspects.

Preventing the Next Crime

Crime is not random. It follows certain behavioral and operational patterns and its perpetrators fit certain profiles. Intellinx allows you to perform after-the-fact analysis of user behavior by applying new rules to pre-recorded data. New fraud detection knowledge can be applied to the organization’s pre-recorded information. Combined with the organization’s internal intelligence, Intellinx can be utilized to foresee, predict and preempt crime in the future.

Out-of-the-Box Business Value

Intellinx provides exceptional business value out-of-the-box. Immediately following the rapid installation, Intellinx begins capturing all cross-enterprise user activity, allowing internal auditors to perform thorough investigations with complete visual replay.

Security officers can immediately search for all user screens in which specific values appeared during a specific timeframe in any application across any platform in the enterprise. Organizations begin benefiting from Intellinx without delay, with no need for time-consuming integration with any of the organization’s systems or application-related configurations.