Enterprise Alert and Case Manager

The Challenge

In the current financial climate, corporations need stronger financial crime alert and case management tools, in order to combat the rise in financial crime, such as fraud, money laundering and data theft.

Effective alert and case management solutions are essential for compliance with government regulations (such as the US Patriot Act) requiring financial institutions to file Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) to government agencies.

However, alert and case management is a laborious and error prone process, and the workload of security, anti-fraud and compliance staff keeps growing. Companies need a system that will ease the load and facilitate efficient risk management and fraud detection; a system flexible enough to integrate with varying corporate systems and fit the organization’s processes, yet reliable in reducing financial risk and helping corporations comply with government regulations.

The Intellinx Enterprise Alert and Case Manager

The Intellinx Enterprise Alert and Case Manager (ECM) provides an enterprise-wide alert and case management system for creating and managing alerts and cases of suspicious activity, and for filing SARs. ECM integrates seamlessly with existing corporate systems, collecting all data relevant for case investigations.

With ECM, supervisors can pre-configure alert and case workflows for specific organizational requirements, establishing priorities, assigning caseloads and meeting deadlines.

ECM is ideal for financial institutions looking to replace obsolete technologies or home-grown systems with a robust and dependable solution.

The ECM Offering

  • A robust alert and case management system that imports data from all relevant sources and can export data if needed; investigations can rely on data from disparate sources, methodically collected and analyzed to provide a cross-channel view of suspicious activity.
  • ECM standardizes investigative corporate work by deploying consistent methodologies and data types across the organization; resulting in increased productivity and greater effectiveness in combating crime.
  • ECM provides uncompromising reliability and accountability for all employee actions.
  • ECM can be deployed stand-alone or as part of the Intellinx Suite for a complete anti-fraud solution.

The Intellinx Difference

Automated identification of cases requiring SAR

ECM identifies and alerts on financial crime cases requiring SARs, improving corporate compliance with government regulations.

Fully customizable user-interface and workflow process

ECM contains pre-configured reports and dashboards, and a workflow and user-interface that are fully customizable. Ongoing operations do not require programming or IT support.

Flexible data model for creating custom entities

The ECM infrastructure is based on a flexible data model – the underlying mechanism for ECM’s exceptional flexibility. The data model enables defining custom entities and fields without programming.

Automatic Financial Impact calculation

ECM has a built-in automatic Financial Impact Calculator, which is based on information such as financial exposure, anticipated loss, and pre-charge of recoveries. The Financial Impact is an important instrument for investigators in estimating the risk of suspicious criminal activity.

Link analysis Diagrams

ECM contains Link Analysis Diagram functionality, which visually maps connections between suspect activities according to a range of variables. Link analysis is a powerful tool in exposing criminal activity.

Seamless Integration with the Intellinx Anti-Fraud Suite

ECM can be integrated with the Intellinx Anti-Fraud Suite – a leading solution for detecting fraudulent activity. The Intellinx Anti-Fraud Suite is based on patented network sniffing technology that provides unparalleled visibility into user activity in real-time; and a genuine behavioral analysis platform.

The ECM Business Value

  • A reliable system that saves time and effort, increases productivity and effectiveness in combating financial crime, and improves compliance with government regulations.
  • Connects with all corporate systems and data sources, standardizing crime investigation and enabling effective cross-channel investigation.
  • Minimal IT support is required for ongoing operations.

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