Call Center Fraud

The Intellinx Call center Solution enables organizations to detect:

  • Call center Denial of Service (DOS) attacks
  • Social engineering attempts by criminals
  • Account takeover attacks

The system combines IVR/VRU call data with CRM information, biometric data and real-time analyst notifications. Based on the data collected the system builds behavior profiles of each caller-ID and detects anomalies and suspicious behavior near real-time.


  • The system generates alerts on suspicious activity near real-time, allowing agents to immediately act on suspected calls.
  • Comprehensive Data for Investigations – Extensive information on call center fraud incidents is collected from various sources to create a single source containing all relevant data for investigations.
  • Flexible, User-Friendly Rule Engine and Investigation Center – The adaptability of the solution enables corporate investigators to easily adjust scoring parameters, calculation methods and thresholds.
  • Integrated with the Intellinx Enterprise Alert & Case Management – Full integration between the Intellinx Alert and Enterprise Case Management and the Intellinx Call Center Fraud Solution creates an effective, easy-to-use investigative environment.