ATM/ Cards Fraud

ATMs and credit cards play a key part in a wide fraud challenge faced by financial institutions. ATMs are used by criminal rings for illegally attaining cards and card information and stealing funds. Technological progress now enables criminals to overcome ATM safeguarding mechanisms, clone cards and steal large sums from numerous locations instantaneously.

Intellinx ATM & Card fraud prevention

The Intellinx ATM & Card Fraud prevention solution is part of the Intellinx Enterprise Fraud Detection and Protection suite, based on a patented network sniffing technology which detects and prevents fraud in real time.

Intellinx tracks business activity in financial systems, applying preventive rules to block suspicious transactions, and detection rules that identify unusual behavior patterns, such as excessive balance inquiries or failed PIN attempts, at the card and ATM device level.


  • Stops ATM Fraud in Real Time – preventive rules validate and block attempted fraud in real time, integrating seamlessly with card processing systems.
  • Combines Real time and batch rules for thorough protection – Preventive rules block fraud that is detectable in real time; while detection rules, running in the background, expose fraud schemes through long-term behavior analysis.
  • Comprehensive Data for Investigations – Extensive information on card and ATM/POS activity is collected from various sources to create a single source containing all relevant data for investigations.
  • Flexible, User-Friendly Rule Engine and Investigation Center – The adaptability of the solution enables corporate investigators to easily adjust scoring parameters, calculation methods and thresholds.
  • Integrated with the Intellinx Enterprise Alert & Case Management – Full integration between the Intellinx Enterprise Case Management and the Intellinx ATM Fraud Prevention Solution creates an effective, easy-to-use investigative environment.
  • High Availability Mode – Supporting load balancing and clustering, this operation mode ensures optimal reliability for fraud prevention.

The Intellinx Difference

Genuine behavior analysis – Intellinx technology, including a patented sniffing mechanism, tracks all system actions, enabling in-depth behavior analysis.

Thorough coverage for high precision – Data from various sources is integrated into a single high-precision risk score.

Cross Channel Analytics – Correlation of information from other anti fraud modules within the Intellinx suite and from third party anti-fraud tools allows for exposing sophisticated fraud schemes which may involve several channels.

Less false positive rates – An analysis process that provides genuine understanding of user behavior yields less false positives.

#1 in deployment simplicity* – User friendly deployment enables banks and card processors to quickly act to block fraud attempts and detect suspicious actions.
* Based on a research by a leading analyst firm.

Link Analysis – A Visual mapping of connections between suspect activities, cards and ATMs provides a powerful tool for fraud exposure.