Professional Services

The Intellinx platform is highly configurable. It was designed to allow each customer to be completely independent in using it and configuring it. Each customer may decide on the level of involvement it requires from Intellinx Ltd.

Some customers prefer to perform the implementation on their own after receiving proper training. Others prefer to have Intellinx Professional Services (PS) team perform the installation and implementation and then become independent. A joint project is also possible. If needed, Intellinx can continue providing services after the implementation project is concluded for ongoing refinement of rules, additional rules, etc.

The projects performed by the PS teams are based on a proven methodology. Knowledge transfer and training is an important part of the project.

A typical project consists of the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Risk & Business Assessment
  • Stage 2: Technical Assessment
  • Stage 3: Infrastructure Deployment
  • Stage 4: Functional Assessment
  • Stage 5: Implementation
  • Stage 6: Testing and delivering to User Acceptance Test
  • Stage 7: Refinement & fine-tuning
  • Stage 8: Training and knowledge transfer Create Link to Training
  • Stage 9: Move to Production
  • Stage 10: Production refinement