The Intellinx Difference – DLP

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) solutions attempt to prevent data leaks by tracking the digital transfer of sensitive data, and identifying data leakage attempts through the network or from end points. However, DLP solutions can be easily bypassed with measures as simple as photographing a screen with a mobile device, and in many other ways.

Intellinx offers a fresh approach to protecting sensitive information, which complements DLP solutions. Rather than blocking the information when it’s on the way out, Intellinx monitors user activity upon accessing the sensitive information, introducing another layer of protection by detecting suspicious behavior.

While DLP systems cover the network layer and endpoint layer, Intellinx provides a complementary solution monitoring the application layer, the database layer and system user. This enables customers to prevent intentional data leakage, while DLP solutions cover mainly unintentional leakage.

Intellinx – Protecting the Vulnerable Layers of DLP

Category Traditional DLP Approach The Intellinx Approach
Detection/Blocking point Detection while the user tries to send out sensitive data Detection while the user accesses sensitive data
Type of Analysis Data analysis detects potential leakage of sensitive data, but not user intentions User behavior analysis effectively detects suspicious activity which may unveil user intentions
Extent of Protection Easily bypassed Highly effective
Type of leakage prevented Non-Intentional Intentional
Layers protected Network, End-point Application, Database, System