Business Value

  • Reduce operational risk and fraud losses by detecting fraud and other malicious activity in real-time.
  • Deter potential fraudulent users just by knowing that all their actions are recorded and evaluated in real-time.
  • Upgrade the efficiency of internal audits by alerting on detection of suspicious behavior and providing internal auditors with full visibility to all actions of each and every suspicious end-user.
  • Enforce corporate security policies by detecting security breaches and exceptions.
  • Improve compliance with government regulations by creating a full audit trail for all end-user activity, including queries that typically do not leave traces in most systems.
  • Detect business opportunities in real-time, and enable immediate action.
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction by detecting process slowdown and bottlenecks in real time, triggering instant alerts on service level breaches.
  • Totally non-invasive risk-free implementation.