The Challenge

Telecom companies manage vast amounts of highly sensitive data, from unlisted phone numbers to call listings, and physical routing to specific phone numbers. Leakage of these types of private information may lead to law suits by customers and can seriously damage the company brand name. Other types of internal fraud may include manipulating of refunds, credits or bill adjustments perpetrated by internal end-users.

The most significant risk to corporate information comes from management and employees within the organization rather than from third parties. Every organization faces the risk of unauthorized actions committed by knowledgeable and capable employees who utilize their knowledge of IT systems and controls to manipulate internal systems.

The Intellinx Cross-Platform Solution for Telecom Companies

Intellinx presents a breakthrough in insider threat detection and prevention. It provides a first-of-its-kind cross-platform surveillance system for unparalleled visibility of end-user activity in corporate applications across the telecom enterprise. The Intellinx Solution provides a critical infrastructure for combating internal fraud and information leakage, making authorized users accountable for their actions. Intellinx is the only product on the market today that provides the following:

  • Unparalleled Visibility to end-user activity – Complete visibility into end-user activity is provided with visual replay of every screen and keystroke and client/server message in every application across all major platforms. All actions are visible, including update and read-only actions. All types of end-users are tracked including privileged end-users such as System Administrators and Data Base Administrators that may pose higher risk as they have higher authorization level.
  • Complete Audit Trail – Intellinx records the full user activity 24×7, not just events detected as suspicious in real time. This is crucial for making end-users accountable for their actions. Regardless of whether appropriate rules are in place at the time of an event, post-event replay enables forensic investigation at a later time.
  • Cross Platform Search including Legacy – Intellinx provides a unique solution for tracking user activity across all major platforms including mainframe, iSeries, Web, Client/Server and more. It allows you to search for any specific value displayed on any user screen across multiple platforms from one simple query screen. The Intellinx rules track cross-platform business processes. For example, a business process tracked by Intellinx may start on iSeries, continue in a client-server application and end on the web.
  • User Behavior Tracking at the Application Level – Intellinx is the only solution on the market that analyzes the user activity at the application screen level (not at the network or database level). Intellinx rules track all user keystrokes and the flow of screens accessed by the user, detecting the relevant business process including each field value accessed or updated. This information is correlated in real-time with the activity of other end-users, with previous activity and other types of information generating alerts on suspicious behavior near real-time.

Intellinx Out-of-the-Box

Intellinx provides exceptional business value out-of-the-box. Immediately following installation (which typically takes just a few hours), Intellinx begins capturing all cross-enterprise user activity, allowing internal auditors to perform thorough investigations with complete visual replay. Security officers can immediately search for all user screens in which specific values appeared during a specific timeframe in any application across any platform in the enterprise. Organizations begin benefiting from Intellinx without delay, with no need for time-consuming integration with any of the organization’s systems or application-related configurations.