Healthcare Insurers and Providers around the world face a growing threat to their assets, brand and sensitive information, presented by their own management and employees. Fraud and information leakage committed by knowledgeable employees, such as identity theft and double billing, can cause great damage. In addition, HIPAA and other privacy regulations in various countries require healthcare organizations to maintain a full audit trail of access to patients’ data. Mechanisms that track changes to corporate databases are not sufficient, as they typically track update transactions but do not capture critical “read-only” access to data.

The Intellinx Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Intellinx provides a first-of-its-kind cross-platform surveillance system for unparalleled visibility of end-user activity in corporate applications across the enterprise. The Intellinx Solution provides a critical infrastructure for combating internal fraud and information leakage, making authorized users accountable for their actions.

The Intellinx Difference

  • Unparalleled Visibility to End-User Activity – Complete visibility into end-user activity is provided with visual replay of every screen and keystroke and client/server message in every application across all major platforms. All actions are visible, including update and read-only actions. All types of end-users are tracked including System and Database Admins whose high authorization poses a higher risk.
  • Complete Audit Trail – Intellinx records full user activity 24/7, not just events detected as suspicious in real time. This is crucial for making end-users accountable for their actions. Regardless of whether appropriate rules are in place at the time of an event, post-event replay enables forensic investigation at a later time.
  • Cross Platform Search including Legacy – Intellinx provides a unique solution for tracking user activity across all major platforms including mainframe, IBM System i, Web, Client/Server and more. It allows you to search for any specific value displayed on any user screen across multiple platforms from one simple query screen. The Intellinx rules track cross-platform business processes.
  • User Behavior Profiling at the Application Level – Intellinx is the only solution that analyzes user activity at the application screen level, rather than the network or database level. Intellinx rules track all user keystrokes and screens, detecting the relevant business process including each field value accessed or updated. This information is correlated in real-time with the activity of other end-users, with previous activity and more.
  • Immediate ROI – Immediately following a rapid installation process, Intellinx begins capturing all cross-enterprise user activity. Security officers can immediately search for all user screens and organizations begin benefiting from Intellinx without delay, with no time-consuming integration with any of the organization’s systems or application-related configurations.

Unique business value

  • Deterring potential fraudulent users through awareness to the recording of their actions.
  • Protection of the corporate brand and market value from bad publicity following cases of information leakage and identity theft.
  • Reduction of Internal Fraud losses by detecting fraud in real-time.
  • Compliance with HIPAA and other regulations by generating a detailed cross-platform audit trail of all access attempts to sensitive health information including queries without changing a single line of code.
  • Improving internal audit effectiveness by alerting on suspicious user behavior and providing full visibility for the internal auditors of all the actions of each specific suspicious end-user.
  • Enforcement of corporate security policies by detecting security breaches and exceptions.

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