Government institutions, such as law enforcement agencies and tax authorities, are tasked with processing vast amounts of highly sensitive data. Preserving the integrity and privacy of this data and preventing fraud is a major challenge for these agencies.

Adding to this challenge are Government regulations, such as FISMA, HIPAA, which require agencies to set up stringent info security programs and user audit trails. Tax authorities, for example, are required to track all access and changes to taxpayer data, and conduct detailed investigations of suspicious user behavior.

Intellinx Solution for Governments

Intellinx enables federal, state, and local agencies to closely monitor users and data, prevent tampering or information leakage, and block fraud, using patented network monitoring technology that has been deployed by state agencies worldwide.

Intellinx User Monitoring: a New Level of Scrutiny and Protection

Intellinx records all user actions 24/7, down to each and every key and screen. Intellinx creates a forensic audit trail for each and every user, regardless of the size of the population or the number of users.

Intellinx Data Leakage Prevention: a New Layer of Protection

Intellinx adds an extra layer of protection – the application layer – to standard DLP systems, which normally catch data leakage only at the “gate” by screening outgoing communications.

Intellinx blocks data leaks before the gate, at the planning stage. With its monitoring technology, Intellinx scrutinizes applications for suspicious behavior that may indicate malicious intent and alerts security personnel.

Government agencies are able to catch not only unintentional but also intentional attempts to leak data, which are normally harder to detect with standard DLP systems, but pose a greater danger.

Intellinx is the only system that analyzes real user behavior, taking into account historical behavior patterns of the user as well as peers, to maximize the precision of rules and alerts and minimize “false positives”.

Intellinx Anti Fraud: the Leading Solution of its Kind*

*Rated by a leading analyst firm.

The Intellinx Anti-Fraud solution identifies suspicious activity faster and more accurately than any other solution of its kind.

Our alerting mechanism, based on both genuine human behavior analysis and transaction analysis,  increases the relevancy of the alerts issued; and since applications and users are monitored in real time, security officers can stop perpetrators before actual fraud has been committed.

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