Free Trial Program

The Intellinx Free-Trial Program provides an opportunity for qualifying organizations to evaluate Intellinx, the first-of-its-kind cross-platform surveillance system. A free trial allows you to receive the benefits of Intellinx for 30 days at no charge and with no obligation.

Intellinx presents a breakthrough in insider threat detection and prevention providing unparalleled visibility of end-user activity in corporate applications across the enterprise. Read more about Intellinx

The Intellinx Free Trial allows you to record and analyze the activity of hundreds or thousands of end users connected to the server of your choice on the following platforms: Mainframe, AS/400, Web (Intranet) or Client/Server. An Intellinx specialist will work with you on-site to install the system and define several rules for detecting specific fraud scenarios in your applications, generating alerts in real-time.

The setup typically takes half a day, in which the system is installed, connected to the network and configured. Once the system is running it continuously records the activity of all the end users connected to the monitored server, generating a very detailed audit trail of user activity at the application level. This audit trail contains any type of transaction (update and read-only) of any application that runs on the server.

After the first half day you will be able to visually replay the activity of any user connected to the monitored server (regular users and privileged IT users), and perform any type of search on data accessed by any one of the users. For example, you can search for all the users who accessed a specific account number in a specific time frame in any application.

The next two and a half days are dedicated to defining business rules for detecting suspicious user activity in your applications, generating instant alerts.