Customer Stories

Intellinx is utilized by leading financial, government, healthcare and utilities organizations around the world. Due to the sensitive nature of the Intellinx implementation, typically for internal fraud detection, most of Intellinx customers do not agree to publicize their usage of Intellinx. Following is information on several implementations of Intellinx, for which the customer have not agreed to expose its name.

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  • A Midsize Bank Deploys Intellinx to Prevent Money Laundering and to Detect Insider Fraud

    A midsize retail bank has selected the Intellinx solutions for AML, Employees Fraud and eBanking fraud.

    The deployments will enable the Bank to adhere to central bank regulations, including Customer Due Diligence and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, transaction monitoring and regulatory reporting.

    Key factors in choosing Intellinx was its flexibility, which enables the Bank to automate its AML processes (including customer risk scoring and CTR and STR reporting) and the fact that the same Intellinx platform is used to prevent fraud.

    Another important factor was the Intellinx sniffing technology that records all activity (enabling to hold individual users accountable for their actions) and generates alerts in real-time.

  • A European Bank extends Intellinx implementation to prevent eBanking Fraud

    A European bank that has been utilizing the Intellinx Employee Fraud Solution for several years has now extended its use to detect and prevent fraud by external users on its eBanking system.

    The Intellinx patented non-invasive sniffing technology, initially utilized for monitoring and alerting to suspicious internal activity, is now also used for monitoring eBanking users. The advanced behavior analytics provided by the system generates real-time alerts to suspicious behavior. The page-by page replay of user activity enables investigators to check user activity immediately, and evaluate whether it is fraudulent.

    The combined internal and external activity monitoring is especially effective in detecting and investigating collusions between employees and external crime rings. In addition, deploying the same technology for both internal and external monitoring saves both the IT and investigation departments on hardware, software and training costs.

  • A Tax Authority deploys Intellinx to Detect and Prevent identity theft, IT sabotage and Fraud

    A Tax Authority in a developing country has deployed Intellinx to detect and prevent identity theft, IT sabotage and tax fraud, and to improve its internal controls.

    This is the third Intellinx deployment by a tax authority this year in different parts of the world.

    Tax authorities maintain highly sensitive data of taxpayers and handle vast amounts of fund transfers. Monitoring all user access to taxpayers’ data is key to protecting it and avoiding identity theft, tax diversion and other types of fraud which may be perpetrated by internal staff or external crime rings who may also collude.

    The system alerts to suspicious user activity allows the tax authority security officers to conduct thorough investigations of such activity including screen-by-screen replay of all user actions.

  • A European Private Bank Deploys the Intellinx Insider Fraud Solution

    A European private bank has deployed the Intellinx Insider Fraud Solution in order to monitor employee activity on its Olympic banking system, as well as other systems, and to prevent information leakage.

    The bank is a recent addition to Intellinx’s growing customer base among private banks that are driven by the need to protect the confidentiality of their customers and their reputation, which is vital to their success.

    This implementation is based on operational risk module for the OLYMPIC Banking System®which was announced in May 2012.

  • An international bank saves more than 1 million dollars using Intellinx

    An international bank with branches in 20 countries and more than 100 billion dollars in assets under management, utilizes Intellinx for complying with a new Basel 2 Operational Risk equivalent regulation that requires banks to maintain a very detailed audit trail of user access to customer data including all update and query activities. The bank had a log of some of the update transactions but none of the query transactions. Implementing a log for all the transactions required changes in thousands of mainframe application programs. The bank estimated that it would require about 100 programmer-months to accomplish this task, with total cost of over 1 million dollars. Alternatively, the bank implemented Intellinx and achieved immediate compliance with the new regulation without changing a single line of code, saving over 1 million dollars.

    A Senior Vice President and Head of Operations Division at the bank said “As a financial institution we need to comply with government regulation that requires a full audit trail of both update transactions and queries. Intellinx allowed us to comply with this regulation after a very short implementation process saving the bank many programmer-months that would have been, otherwise, invested in altering our online applications. Intellinx non invasive solution poses zero overhead on our infrastructure and requires very limited disk space.”

  • A credit card company detects information leakage
    A credit card company implemented Intellinx for detecting information leakage and internal fraud. The company is using Intellinx for recording user activity in the corporate internal applications allowing the internal auditors to replay every screen and keystroke of every end-user. The company utilizes the Intellinx business rules for tracking end-user behavior patterns generating alerts on exceptions in real-time. This effort was proved fruitful several weeks after the installation, when an employee who was misusing his authorized access was detected by the system.
  • A large government agency deters employee fraud

    A large government agency with more than 11,000 employees has implemented Intellinx for recording the activity of all its end users in the internal business applications, generating a very detailed audit trail of user access to citizens’ sensitive data. The agency has informed all of its employees and contractors that from now on all their actions are being recorded in order to deter potential fraud and information leakage.

  • An international European insurance company detects internal fraud of privileged users

    A European insurance company deployed Intellinx for detecting internal fraud. One of the main objectives was to track the activity of privileged IT users including Database administrators, System administrators and Programmers. These users pose a special threat due to their technical knowledge and authorized access to internal servers and system resources. Intellinx business rules were implemented for generating alerts in real time on suspicious behavior such as attempt to update data in a production database by a privileged user using a database utility that cannot be traced by other means except for Intellinx.